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Bridewell Stone

Bridewell Stone Lapidary Slab

Bridewell Stone Lapidary Slab

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Put deep, rich color and silken chatoyancy in your life with Bridewell Stone Lapidary Slabs! Our quartz slabs give you the chance to tap into your creative side and release your inner beauty through art. Revel in energizing vibes and create something meaningful that your heart will sing about!

  • 19 grams  
  • 7 mm thick

Inspired by Nature and grown in our Kentucky Studio, we create Bridewell Stone by fostering mineral crystallization in gem quality quartz utilizing extreme temperatures. 

Each Bridewell Stone slab is selected and cut from only our finest creations of crystalline quartz.   With a hardness of 6.5,  Bridewell Stone adds dimension and uncommon qualities to jewelry designs.  

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